September 01, 2021

3,507 Days

By Michael Ellis

3,507 days that is the average amount of time you will spend at work during your lifetime. To put it into perspective, you get roughly 920 months on this earth, and work will take up 292 of those. This equates to approximately 31.7% of your entire life.

Since you’re going to be spending so much time at work, don’t you think it’s important to find something that makes you truly happy? After all, it’s going to take up one third of your life.

Today, the majority of Millennialls and Gen Zers are looking to do just that. They’re searching for careers where they feel valued and can contribute to a purpose. Sixty-four percent of Millennials have said that they would turn down a job if their employer doesn’t have a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. In addition to that, 83% said they would be more loyal to a company which supports them in contributing to social and environmental issues. 

Based upon these statistics, it’s clear that it’s becoming increasingly important for individuals to feel a sense of fulfilment in their workplace while being able to work within a company that aligns with their personal values. 

For me, fulfilment and purpose are two very important values  that I have always focused on in my working life. To be honest, I have never really imagined myself working for a major company or going down the typical career path - I’ve always wanted to create something uniquely my  own.

With Wellbeans, I feel like I have done that. We truly are a purpose first business. And although we’re still a relatively young company, I feel like we’ve set strong foundations to be built upon for future growth. 

This includes some incredibly big long-term goals for the company that  I hope one day will lead to us being known as a sought-after place to work, as well as  an organisation  that encourages its employees to live happy, fulfilled, purpose-driven lives.

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